Pandemic Projects

Since the lockdowns of 2020-21 I've had to find new ways of working with people. Here are some of the results:

Wolverhampton Art Gallery have developed a range of Family Friendly online resources.

They commissioned me to produce three activities:

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts have a diverse programme called Barber Home.

They commissioned me to produce two activities:

The New Art Gallery Walsall produced online workshop videos every Wednesday.

My workshops can be seen below. Edited by Mark Hinton of

Lean the art of sculpture carving, using a bar of soap!

Make a model bridge from a Turner painting.

Make a mini pinball game, inspired by a Monet seaside scene.

Make two dancing puppets from one paper plate!

Click here to download optional paper plate dancers template.

Translucent window hangings or mobiles to brighten up your space.

Draw faces in a variety of styles and expressions.

Learn to make automata - mechanical moving toys.

Make vessels from recycled materials and decorate with colourful tissue paper decoupage.

Learn to make a collagraph, a way of printing from a collage.

Use recycled objects to make sculptures!

Make tiny artworks and matchboxes to put them in.

Click here to download optional matchbox template.

Active Arts are an Erdington based community arts organisation.

Once a month Active Arts produces an online event called the Evening of Creativity. I've contributed some short craft videos, below.

The Buzz by Community Catylists is an online platform for accessible activity videos.

I was commissioned to make three videos, which I themed around trees. Each video begins with a walk in the woods.

Some practical tips on how to draw trees in pencil and artist's pastels

Make a picture frame, a leaf rubbing and a star mobile.

A brilliant wellbeing activity for anyone, especially those who missed social contact during the long lockdowns.